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Monday, October 5, 2015

CLA Career Readiness Pathways Initiative

I am pleased to announce that Associate Professor Ascan Koerner (Communication Studies) has agreed to lead the effort to develop and implement the CLA Career Readiness Pathways Initiative (some of my thoughts on career readiness appear here). The initiative is the new and improved name for what you have previously heard me describe as “career bundles,” the idea being to assist our students by tying together (hence the “bundle” terminology) suggested curricular experiences, experiential opportunities, and alumni mentoring relevant for particular career paths and interests. Please stay tuned for further news regarding the pathways initiative and, in the meantime, please thank Professor Koerner for taking on this important work. This effort is part of our broader CLA Roadmap goal of enhancing the career services we provide for our students. We’ve done significant work in this area over the past year, including extending career services to each of our departments.