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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shared governance activities 2015-16

In addition to their ongoing responsibilities, CLA’s governance bodies have been exploring a range of significant issues this year. As mentioned in a previous Monthly Memo, the Curriculum, Instruction, and Advising Committee is examining the Major Project requirement and how this is implemented across the college. The Budget Advisory Committee is reviewing and making recommendations on how the college supports and reviews centers. The Council of Chairs has provided feedback on a variety of issues, such as salary equity processes. In the fall, the CLA Assembly discussed the length of the CLA tenure clock, in which faculty currently, on the standard timeline, come up for promotion review in their sixth year. The Assembly was asked to consider whether CLA should, as some of our peer institutions have done, consider a lengthening of the tenure clock to compensate for grant funding challenges, difficulties at university presses, and other developments. The Assembly discussion concluded there was insufficient reason to adjust the clock at this time and some good reasons not to do so.

Other representative bodies in CLA have also made key contributions to the development of college policy and practice. The P&A Board has worked with college offices to craft a plan for multi-year P&A appointments. The Administrators Forum has been engaged on the issue of revising fiscal practices, procedures, and communication in the college. The CLA Student Board has provided detailed recommendations for improving the experience of international and transfer students in the college. As part of shared governance and the pursuit of research and creative excellence in the CLA Roadmap, we have asked CLA graduate students on the Council of Graduate Students to help us develop a framework for a graduate student board in CLA.

I could provide more examples. Let me conclude with two points. First, many thanks and deep appreciation to those faculty, staff, and students who are serving, or have served, on the governance and representative bodies named above, as well as other such bodies in CLA. And second, we will continue to work to create a more robust shared governance environment.