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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Three-year departmental planning and budgeting

In my departmental visits in the fall, I discussed the college’s move to a new planning practice where we will have three-year planning arrangements with departments. These are intended to provide the basis for a collaborative and partnering relationship with departments, to reduce us versus them perceptions and tone, and to reduce uncertainty. Our goal is to have conversations about substance and academic merits first, and the discussion about budget and finances second. The former, not the latter, drives what we want to do, but the latter obviously provides some parameters around how we can achieve the former. Each of the next three years (including this spring), one-third of our departments will have their three-year planning meetings. You can see the list of questions/topics departments are asked to address and the year in which departments will be having their three-year planning meeting.

The three-year planning process differs from academic program reviews. If you are curious when your department will be part of the academic program review process, which includes external reviews, the schedule has been posted.