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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Understanding the university’s FY 2017 budget compact process

Last year I wrote a long blog post explaining how the university’s annual compact process works. Words such as “stirring,” “riveting,” and “deeply moving” were uttered by readers near and far. Because I was not sure I could capture that poetic lightning in a bottle twice, this year I penned a shorter post that provides the key facts facing CLA for the fiscal year 2017 compact process. Since that post, CLA has had our compact meeting with our friends in central. In the contribution side of the reallocation pools -- refer to the links above to understand these terms of art -- by far the largest line item we submitted was faculty attrition due to resignations and retirements. On the investment side, we focused on requests to support our CLA Roadmap goals. In the standard reallocation pool, we requested funds to invest in graduate support; hire faculty; and increase support for our research office to improve and expand our services for faculty, staff, and graduate students. We requested funds to promote our Roadmap goal of student readiness and curricular innovation through investment to develop of an online suite of Liberal Education courses. In the strategic plan reallocation pool, we requested support for a Social Science Methods Commons; Minnesota Humanities Engagement Hub; human rights research and programming joint with the Humphrey School; and Islamic studies (two faculty positions and programming support). We will learn the outcome of our Compact requests sometime in May.