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Thursday, October 6, 2016

CLA presence in funded Grand Challenges Research projects

Last week you heard from Provost Hanson about the results of the first round of funding for Grand Challenges research projects. In our CLA Roadmap, we committed ourselves to CLA being an active participant and leader in the Grand Challenges efforts. All along the way, CLA faculty have participated at a high level. Of the collaborative work group projects funded (these were submissions by the work groups established around each GC), CLA had 10 faculty involved. Highest was CFANS at 15. The next in line after CLA was CSE at 7. For the exploratory research projects funded (these were submissions by groups of faculty), CLA had 24 faculty involved. Highest was the Medical School at 27. Next in line after CLA was
CFANS with 17. With regard to dollars, of the $3.6 million awarded, CLA faculty are involved in projects totaling $1.47 million of funding. The Grand Challenges projects better represents some of our research and creative traditions than others, but overall this is a strong showing and provides the kind of CLA participation and leadership we were hoping for. Going forward, we will need to work collaboratively and strategically  to ensure that additional funding opportunities reflect our varied research traditions. Substantively, these results matter because they importantly bring liberal arts perspectives and methodologies to the questions animating the Grand Challenges.