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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Summer tuition sharing initiative results

The College introduced a Summer Session Tuition Sharing Initiative in the summer of 2016. The initiative offered the opportunity for departments to share incremental summer tuition growth with the College. Enhanced summer enrollments benefits students by keeping them on track for graduation or allowing time to explore new areas of interest.  Departments benefit by receiving discretionary income that can be directed to key priorities. For summer 2016, the following departments exceeded their summer baseline and will be recipients of tuition revenue sharing: Asian Languages and Literatures; Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies; German, Scandinavian, and Dutch; History; Philosophy; Psychology; and Theatre Arts and Dance. Going forward I hope we will add more departments to this list.

Success in summer involves course offerings that interest students, advertising, and recognizing student needs. Regarding the latter, online options are critically important. Students who are not in the Twin Cities during the summer, or who are involved with jobs or internships or other responsibilities, benefit from the flexibility of online instruction. Students have a number of online options at other universities such as Arizona State and Penn State among many others, but I suspect they’d prefer to take course right here at their home institution if they could. Our summer credit hours have been declining for a decade or so now, and the overall credit hour total this summer dropped yet again. Summer revenue is important for the college budget and my hope is we are able to provide departments with more ability to invest in their key priorities.