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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Roadmap Goal Teams

In my Road Ahead address on October 22, I shared my vision for CLA to become a destination college, and outlined five goals for the College that will enable us to achieve this vision. On October 28, we released the CLA Roadmap, which serves as the canvas upon which we begin to detail how we reach these goals.

Each goal has a Roadmap Goal Team composed primarily of faculty, staff, and students, who will deliberate and share their thoughts and guidance around the goal, and begin to shape our path toward it through a series of specific recommendations. We aimed to build teams that were representative of our major intellectual traditions, without becoming unwieldy in size, so that we gain in our deliberations from a variety of insights and perspectives. At the same time, the Goal Teams were built with a sense that this is a collegiate process, and not a process to lobby or advocate or represent any particular narrow interest.

The underlying focus for each team is the same: What will make the College great on this goal? In my invitations to Goal Team members, I discussed some of what I’d heard prior to and since arriving on campus, and some of the questions that these conversations raised. The Roadmap document provides background discussion for each goal and presents some items for the team focusing on that goal to consider. These lists are intended to give the teams a starting point for discussion and are not exclusive or limiting. The Goal Teams are encouraged to invite and consider other items in their deliberations as well. If you have comments or suggestions you’d like to pass along, please use the Roadmap Suggestion Box or write to clasugg@umn.edu.

The Roadmap Goal Teams will convene 3-4 meetings between mid-December and mid-February. Following each Goal Team meeting, we will be posting a summary of that meeting. Once the teams have completed their work, they will will present their recommendations to me. After that, we will hold 2-3 open meetings for CLA faculty, staff, and students to provide feedback on the Roadmap before it is finalized.

Here is the charge that all five teams are being asked to consider:
  • Identify the scope of the goal (including core components and how the goal should be measured). 
  • Identify the “ideal state” of CLA once the goal has been achieved, and identify barriers to achieving the ideal state. 
  • Identify one significant “big think”/transformative recommendation that supports the goal and 3-4 action steps, resources, and success metrics for achieving the recommendation. 
  • Identify two “must do” recommendations that are essential for the College to achieve in order to accomplish the overall goal. 
  • Identify 2-3 “quick wins” that can be accomplished within 6-12 months that will create momentum toward achieving the overall goal. 
  • Optionally identify up to another 5 recommendations for collegiate consideration. 
  • Identify any “stop doing” processes or initiatives within the scope of the goal.
Members of the Roadmap Goal Teams are listed below. I want to extend my deep appreciation to all the participants for devoting their time and energy to this important work, and thanks to all of you for the interest you’ve shown in this process so far. In addition to the Goal Team members, each team also has a staff consultant or consultants who can provide insight on current CLA practices. Goal Team chairs will also serve on the CLA Roadmap Steering Group.

Goal #1: Readiness—CLA alumni will be the most desirable graduates available
  • Laura Gurak, Professor, Writing Studies (Chair) 
  • Rose Brewer, Professor, African American & African Studies 
  • Danielle Dadras, Student Personnel Coordinator, Institute for Global Studies 
  • Rachel Drake, Coordinator of Advising & Undergraduate Studies, English 
  • Bob Eichinger, Alumnus & Donor 
  • Steve Engel, Professor, Psychology 
  • Kathy Hansen, Professor, School of Journalism 
  • Kelley Harness, Associate Professor, School of Music 
  • Holly Hatch-Surisook, Undergraduate Advising Coordinator, Psychology 
  • Tom Holmes, Professor, Economics 
  • Jennifer Marshall, Associate Professor, Art History 
  • Matt McGue, Regents Professor, Psychology 
  • Matt Paulbeck, CLA Student Board President 
  • Jon Ruzek, Senior Director of Alumni Networks, UMAA 
  • Joelle Stangler, MSA President 
  • William Viestenz, Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese 
  • Amber White, Graduate Student, Art 
  • Goal Team Consultants: Colin DeLong, Director of Enrollment Analytics; Nanette Hanks, Assistant Dean for Curriculum; Kaylee Highstrom, Associate Director of Development; Paul Timmins, Career Services Director 
Goal #2: Research—CLA will have a relentless focus on research and creative excellence 
  • Mark Snyder, Professor, Psychology (Chair) 
  • Daniel Brewer, Professor, French & Italian 
  • Anthony Courtright, Technical Coordinator, Theatre Arts & Dance 
  • Guillermo De Paz, Assistant To the Chair, Psychology 
  • John Freeman, Professor, Political Science 
  • Vinay Gidwani, Associate Professor, Geography, Environment & Society 
  • Tom Lindsay, Research Support Services Coordinator, CLA OIT 
  • Alan Love, Associate Professor, Philosophy 
  • RocĂ­o Madera, Graduate Student, Economics 
  • David Pellow, Professor, Sociology 
  • Paula Rabinowitz, Professor, English 
  • David Rahman, Associate Professor, Economics 
  • Steve Ruggles, Regents Professor of History and Director, Minnesota Population Center 
  • Sara Saljoughi, Graduate Student, Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature 
  • Xiaotong Shen, Professor, Statistics 
  • Joan Tronto, Professor, Political Science 
  • David Valentine, Associate Professor, Anthropology 
  • Travis Workman, Assistant Professor, Asian Languages & Literatures 
  • Goal Team Consultants: Anna Brailovsky, Grants Consultant/Writer; Alex Rothman, Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Programs; Shannon Wolkerstorfer, Development Officer 
Goal #3: Leadership—CLA will lead and flourish in the environment of grand challenges 
  • Catherine Squires, Associate Professor, Communication Studies (Chair) 
  • Stephen Ahearne-Kroll, Associate Professor, Classical & Near Eastern Studies 
  • Christine Baeumler, Associate Professor, Art 
  • Jigna Desai, Professor, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies 
  • Bud Duvall, Professor, Political Science 
  • Rochelle Hammer, Coordinator, Institute for Global Studies 
  • Doug Hartmann, Professor, Sociology 
  • Galin Jones, Professor, Statistics 
  • Ruth Karras, Professor, History 
  • Kurt Kipfmueller, Associate Professor, Geography, Environment & Society 
  • Richard Leppert, Regents Professor, Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature 
  • Ryan Olson, Student, Political Science 
  • Chris Phelan, Professor, Economics 
  • Michael Walsh, Coordinator of Instructional Services, Psychology 
  • Goal Team Consultants: John Blair, Assistant To the Associate Dean for Faculty; Scott Meyer, Chief Advancement Officer
Goal #4: Diversity—The CLA community will mirror the community at large 
  • Josephine Lee, Professor, English & Asian American Studies (Chair) 
  • Ronald Aminzade, Professor, Sociology 
  • Amber Annis, Graduate Student, American Studies 
  • Penny Edgell, Professor, Sociology 
  • Colleen Hennen, Associate Administrator, American Studies 
  • Rich Kott, Senior Academic Advisor, History 
  • Sonja Kuftinec, Professor, Theatre Arts & Dance 
  • Keith Mayes, Associate Professor, African American & African Studies 
  • Vanessa Nyarko, Student, School of Journalism 
  • Jean O’Brien, Professor, History & American Indian Studies 
  • Abdi Samatar, Professor, Geography, Environment & Society 
  • Jane Sitter, CLA Student Ambassador; Student, Individualized Studies 
  • Moin Syed, Associate Professor, Psychology 
  • Nyssa Towsley, Principal Office & Administrative Specialist, Anthropology 
  • Goal Team Consultants: Katie Louis, Senior Assistant to the Dean; Sue Schultz, Senior Human Resources Consultant; Andrew Williams, Director of Diversity Student Support Programs 
Goal #5: Engagement—CLA will deepen a culture of engagement for our alumni, community and state 
  • Phyllis Moen, Professor, Sociology (Chair) 
  • Evelyn Davidheiser, Director, Institute for Global Studies; Assistant Dean for International Programs 
  • Tracey Deutsch, Associate Professor, History 
  • Marcus Dilliard, Associate Professor, Theatre Arts & Dance 
  • Karen Ho, Associate Professor, Anthropology 
  • Rich Lee, Professor, Psychology 
  • Kevin Murphy, Associate Professor, History and American Studies 
  • Amanda Nelson, Associate Administrator, History 
  • Peggy Nelson, Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences 
  • Anabel Njoes, Recruitment Coordinator, School of Music 
  • Howard Oransky, Director, Nash Gallery 
  • Lisa Park, Professor, Sociology & Asian American Studies 
  • Kathryn Pearson, Associate Professor, Political Science 
  • Joe Price, Program Director, Theatre Arts & Dance 
  • Luis Ramos-Garcia, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese 
  • Michael Silverman, Associate Professor, School of Music 
  • Chris Uggen, Professor, Sociology 
  • Najimo Yusuf, Somali Student Organization President; Student, Communication Studies 
  • Goal Team Consultants: Colleen Donahue, Senior Development Officer; Erica Giorgi, Director of Alumni Relations