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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

CLA Transfer Student Initiative

Every year, CLA welcomes 1800+ transfer students to the CLA community. I’m proud that CLA provides opportunity for so many students who started at other institutions. We can rightly say that we are Minnesota's opportunity college. Transfer students are a vital part of CLA and we have been working to improve the transfer student experience.

Our CLA Transfer Student Initiative has several components. Prior to launching TSI, we had about 1 FTE devoted to transfer advising. Now we expect to have about 3-3.5 FTE. This fall we will also be piloting a Transfer Semester Experience course for new transfer students, much like the First Year Experience course for new freshmen. And our new Transfer Coordinator will be working with our departments and advisors at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities institutions to prepare transfer guides which will help students succeed in their transfer to CLA.

The college and campus environment for transfer students was an area of focus for our CLA Student Board in 2015-16. They found a number of ways in which the experience could be improved, including relatively small changes beginning with orientation at the campus level. There is work being done at the university level as well as in CLA to enhance the transfer student experience, and this is all to the good.