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Friday, August 19, 2016

Faculty recruitment 2016-17

2015-16 was an exceptionally busy year of recruitment activity in the college. The college added 32 tenured and tenure track faculty across 18 departments. This is an unusually high level of recruitment and we look forward to the surge of new intellectual energy these colleagues will bring to our college. 

Adding world-class faculty to our roster drives our success. They will significantly accelerate our research and creative excellence with a diverse faculty, provide inspirational instruction and life-shaping opportunity for our undergraduate and graduate students, and serve our communities through outreach and engagement. Through advancing our Roadmap goals of student readiness for their lives after campus, a relentless focus on research and creative excellence, diversity and inclusion as central values of the college, and deepening a culture of engagement, our new faculty will join our current faculty in demonstrating the continued vitality and critical importance of the liberal arts and moving us toward fulfilling our vision of CLA as a destination college. Thanks to all of you who were part of the recruitment efforts and departmental visits and to Associate Deans Ana Paula Ferreira (Arts and Humanities) and Penny Edgell (Social Sciences) for their work on successfully recruiting these outstanding scholars to CLA. 

In the 2016-17 academic year, CLA will conduct searches for regular faculty positions across a number of units. Searches authorized include departments involved in three-year planning as well as departments submitting requests as part of the annual budget process. 

In making authorization decisions, the Associate Deans and I take into account several factors including: the significance of a position for departmental strategic planning and building/rebuilding/maintaining excellence and strong ratings and rankings; critical needs to address substantial and immediate curricular/intellectual gaps; trends in majors, student credit hour pressures, and increased teaching loads on faculty; and intellectual and curricular innovations building upon current strengths, including in clusters. Sometimes, issues of accreditation are relevant. Positions that would contribute to more than one of these considerations were prioritized. Ultimately, there are far more requests submitted than there are searches that can be authorized.

One of the goals of the college’s new three-year planning process is to provide more certainty to departments about faculty size and searches over the coming three-year period, and we will continue three-year strategic planning with our second wave of departments this year. 

Departments approved for searches in 2016-17 received authorization notices in June and July. These include Art (Photography); Asian Languages and Literatures (Chinese Literature/Culture); Economics (Open); Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies (Open); German, Scandinavian and Dutch (Scandinavian/German Studies or North European Studies); History (Environmental History); Journalism and Mass Communication (Strategic Communication/Advertising); Psychology (Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology; Statistics (Open); Theatre Arts and Dance (Scenic Design); Departments TBD (Islamic Studies cluster, 2 positions).