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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Internationalization task force follow up

The CLA Task Force on Internationalization issued its report in the spring. Based on your feedback on the report, we will be following up on three areas of recommendation in the report as first steps:

  • Enhancing visibility: The Task Force agreed that there is a great deal of international activity around teaching and research already underway in CLA, but that we have not yet done enough to pull this together to demonstrate the scale and scope of our efforts. 
  • Improving the quality of learning abroad: The Task Force was eager to improve the quality of learning abroad opportunities for our students.  It was agreed that the Learning Abroad Center (LAC) offers a plethora of options, but students do not receive the guidance necessary to select the best opportunity or to prepare adequately for that opportunity, and that programs are uneven in how well they intersect with the academic goals of our majors. To address these shortcomings, CLA’s Office of Undergraduate Education will hire a staff member in a position shared with LAC as well as appoint a faculty member to lead initiatives in this area.
  • Going “glocal": CLA should take fuller advantage of the diverse and global community in which our campus is situated, creating opportunities for students to connect the global and the local. The Institute for Global Studies and the Office of Undergraduate Education will begin discussing next steps in this area. 

The Task Force report also included a number of other recommendations that may warrant future action. Some of the recommendations, as noted in your feedback, intersect with more general issues and are not limited to the international arena itself. Support for research and travel would be one example in that category. Thanks again to the Task Force for its dedicated work and to all of you who provided feedback.