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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Adding new support for interdisciplinary research and creative collaboratives

Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Programs Steve Manson recently announced the establishment of a new initiative in CLA to create short-term workshops focused around particular topics, questions, or themes. I mentioned this program earlier this year in my State of the College address -- which I know you’ve memorized -- as one of our initiatives to further our Roadmap goal of the relentless pursuit of research and creative excellence. These efforts are intended to bring together scholars and creative artists from across disciplines in areas where the college has strength that has perhaps not been pulled together to its full potential. Our goal is to establish a small number of these each year to run for a short time. Two new workshops each year running for three years would be a modal expectation, with six multi-year workshops eventually in operation each year. Associate Dean Manson’s announcement also indicated that we will provide support for smaller, one-year projects. We are hopeful these single-year and multi-year groups will add additional dynamism to the college’s intellectual environment. You can read about this initiative here. I encourage you to submit a proposal. Our efforts this first year will be supported in large part by the Joan Aldous Innovation Fund, which has been used this year for a set of 25 pilot projects promoting our Roadmap goals of diversity and engagement.