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Thursday, March 16, 2017

CLA’s pivotal role in the university’s diversity and inclusion objectives

In the CLA Roadmap, we as a college dedicated ourselves to the improvement of diversity, inclusion, and access among our students. The university is also committed to inclusive excellence in Driving Tomorrow, the university’s strategic plan. CLA will be an essential part of the university’s ability to meet this objective. To give you some sense of what I mean, CLA is 44.2% of the Twin Cities undergraduate degree-seeking population and we comprise the following proportions of Twin Cities undergraduates:

  • 48.4% of female students
  • 47.1% of students of color
  • 63.8% of American Indian students
  • 41.6% of Asian/Pacific students
  • 52.1% of African American students
  • 73.1% of Hawaiian students
  • 52.1% of Chicano/a & Latino/a students
  • 48.2% of multi-racial students
  • 53.3% of international students
  • 47.3% of first-generation students
  • 49.8% of Pell-eligible students
  • 60.2% of students who transferred in from outside the U or its other campuses for fall 2016
  • 66.5% of students who transferred to the TC campus from another U campus for fall 2016

To be clear and as a caution: these numbers are not looking at groups as a share of the entire student body (where groups are still underrepresented), but rather the proportion of TC students with these identities who are in CLA. Campus efforts toward inclusive excellence are precisely that: campus-wide and involving us all. CLA plays a pivotal role in the success of diversity, inclusion, and access at the U.