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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Examine and review CLA data

Last year I reported to you on one of our transparency initiatives in the college: CLA Reporting and Analytics (CLARA). CLARA is a tool that allows users to examine data from across the college. The data can be fine-tuned in many ways through drop-down menus, and it is also possible to download, export, and print data and reports. Most of the site currently focuses on items around curriculum and instruction as well as personnel and student headcount and FTE. We have additional datasets planned for the site as well and these will be added to this tool over time. All current CLA faculty and staff have access to CLARA at clara.umn.edu. When you get to the site you can simply explore by clicking around. A help guide is available at the Help link. The indefatigable Colin DeLong, CLA’s Director of Enrollment Analytics in the Office of Undergraduate Education, deserves special recognition for his leadership in the development and improvement of CLARA.