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Sunday, August 13, 2017

The University Compact process for CLA and CLA budgeting

Previously I shared the results of the U’s Compact Process for CLA. In case you missed that at the busy start of summer, you can review the results at the link above. I mention in that post that “the options we put forward [for reallocation] relied heavily on reductions in CLA college-level offices and included multiple positions eliminated as well as reduced Supplies, Equipment, and Other Expenses (aka SEE) funding
across our administrative units.”

Our overall budgeting is consistent with that premise and priority. Looking across CLA academic and administrative units -- i.e., setting to the side the roughly $87 million we have paid annually into campus-wide “cost pools” -- since the beginning of the decade spending on academic units has increased about 12% in nominal dollars (unadjusted for inflation) while spending on administrative units has held steady. This 12% has had to cover a lot, including everything from faculty and staff hiring to equipment, salary increases, increased cost of benefits, graduate support, and beyond. Of the nearly $150 million spent on CLA academic and administrative units in fiscal year 2017, 89% was spent in academic units. Looking at total CLA spending, including the large amount paid into the cost pools, about 6.5-6.8% is spent in the college’s administrative units overall.

If you’d like a primer on the University’s budget that takes less than 180 seconds of your time, check out this short video released by University Relations to explain how the U’s budget works.