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Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Compact process for fiscal year 2019

The early part of the year brings with it certain timeless routines. Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Spring training baseball in Florida and Arizona. And, of course, the annual Budget/Compact Process here at the U.

Say the words "the Compact" around campus and clouds roll in, eyes look to the ground, solemn vows are taken, small animals start scurrying. Some say it is mere legend and myth, akin to mere mortals attempting to grasp misty vapor.

But indeed, I can confirm that the Compact exists. In an effort to demystify the mysterious process, I have explained in detail in previous years how the Compact process works. I won't go into that detail again here. For those of you new to the college, or who may have drifted off while reading my previous prose on the matter, I would point you to the detailed description of the process here (some of the details of the process have changed since then, but on the whole the essence of the process is the same) and here (for last year's outcomes). Those of you who would like an overall look at CLA finances should check out the primer written by Brent Gustafson, CLA’s Chief Financial Officer.