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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Six things Fiscal Administration wants you to know

Our Fiscal Administration office plays a vital role in facilitating the mission of the college. I asked our friends in Fiscal for 5-6 things they would like us all to know. Here’s their list:

  • We’re all in this together. Fiscal Admin is a support unit that intersects many activities that span the breadth of the college. Things work best when we’re working in partnership.

Creating Inclusive Cohorts

Congratulations to the Departments of American Studies, Sociology, and Communication Studies, each of which won Creating Inclusive Cohorts Training Program grants this year from the Graduate School. CLA received three of the six grants awarded, which is a great outcome. Two years ago, the Department of Psychology received a CIC grant, and last year American Studies/RIGS Initiative received one.

Internships and alumni outcomes

Through sites like CLARA, our data portal, we make data available to all faculty and staff to assist in planning and strategy, or simply to browse and learn. We are also committed to being data-transparent and data-informed to our students and our external audiences. Check out these interactive tools to see where students take internships and what they are doing, and what our alumni are doing soon after graduation. With each interactive tool, you can explore data by department. The Office of Undergraduate Education is continuing to work to pull more complete data into both of these tools. The Graduate School also has publicly-facing pages with data on CLA graduate programs. Some of these data are already in CLARA and we will likely pull more into our data portal. Both the Graduate School and CLA will be adding and highlighting graduate placement data as well. The Graduate School anticipates presenting placement data along the lines of their Rackham colleagues at Michigan (scroll down at the link), and in CLA we anticipate providing additional data refinement as is done for some departments there.


Over the next month or so, many of us will celebrate holiday traditions with family and friends. It’s a season where we express and celebrate gratitude.

We may also reflect on all the many things we have to be grateful for as a college -- and this year we have much to celebrate. Our undergraduate graduation rates were recently released and they show all-time high four, five, and six-year CLA graduation rates (68.5%, 78.6%, 79.2% respectively.) That means more students achieving their goals on time, benefiting themselves and their families, and more well-prepared graduates going out into the world and effecting positive change.