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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Where are CLA students from?

To find out, you can check out these maps of the countries, states, and Minnesota counties from which CLA undergraduate students hail. Very interesting! Thanks to CLA/CFANS/CSE Analyst Luann Hankom for creating these and hat tip to CFO Brent Gustafson for sending these along.

Enrollments from CLA students versus non-CLA students

I am sometimes asked whether it is better for CLA to enroll CLA students in our courses or better to enroll non-CLA students in our courses. The answer is . . . both. Substantively, we have much to offer students, so we want to be sure they are in our classes, whether they are from the college or from outside the college. None of us should like seeing a sparsely-enrolled class in our college. Financially, the way our system works at the U is the following: If a CLA student enrolls in a CLA course, the college receives 100% of the tuition. If a non-CLA student enrolls in a CLA course, the college receives 75% of the tuition. If a CLA student enrolls in a non-CLA course, the college receives 25% of the tuition. CLA students now take about 37% of their credits outside the college, compared with 27% ten years ago. That trend has happened at the same time that CLA has been doing better at attracting “CLA first choice” students to the college. These students, who indicated at admission that their first choice was a field of study in the college, are now about 74% of our total. The bottom line is that we are better off substantively and financially if we create the kind of curricular opportunities that encourage CLA students and non-CLA students alike to take our courses.