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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

American Indian student progress at the U of M

A recent report explored the improvement in graduation rates for American Indian students at the U. I’m grateful for the deep commitment and wide reach of our American Indian Studies Department and for faculty, staff, and students across CLA and the U whose dedicated work contributed to this improvement. The Hechinger Report conducted the research and MPR featured the news.

Responding to online harassment

CLA and the U are working to improve support for faculty and others subject to online harassment due to their research or teaching. Online harassment can happen from any ideological direction and certainly can have a chilling effect. As scholars, we expect robust feedback and disagreement when we enter into the world of ideas, and we don’t expect to be shielded from that. But hateful, profane, doxxing, and threatening “feedback” is another matter. A torrent of awful messages which can sometimes verge on the threatening or be threatening is another matter. Academic freedom is a paramount value of mine and of the college. The University has set up a page to guide faculty and chairs in the steps to take when harassment occurs. Please bookmark z.umn.edu/stoponlineharassment. In the college, we are continuing to examine ways to improve our responses when harassment occurs and to share recommended first steps.

Liberal arts as the front page of the newspaper

I often say that CLA’s work is front-page news, that every day our faculty study the most pressing challenges facing communities around the world. Whether it’s the economy, governance, literature, global and international issues, educational equity gaps, ethics, crime, the arts, film, race and ethnicity, transformations in media and communications, or much, much more, the research and creative work we do in the liberal arts is on the front page of the paper, whether in print or online.

Over the past six years, we’ve been working to do a better job supporting that work and communicating what we do. On the communications side, this video is one example, highlighting CLA faculty who are exploring topics spanning dark matter to political coups from the perspective of disciplines ranging from dance to statistics. (Previous versions of the research video: 2015; 2016; 2018; 2019 [Scholars of the College].)