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Monday, June 29, 2020


In CLA, our commitments to research and creative excellence, to meaningful community partnerships, to being a place where one can thrive professionally, and to life-transforming instruction, provide us with a platform for meaningful impact in diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

From the unsettling of assumptions and the raising of new questions in the arts, to humanities and social science research on race, indigeneity, gender, and sexuality across multiple methodologies, the college has much to offer at this moment. Initiatives like the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Workshop and the Liberal Arts Engagement Hub bring together interdisciplinary scholarly efforts focused on issues of opportunity, race, and social justice. Collaborations such as the Race, Indigeneity, and Sexuality Studies Initiative and the Black Midwest Initiative have likewise been important arenas for this work. Supporting cross-departmental programs such as these, in addition to the work of our individual departments, provides a strong foundation for the college’s work in this area.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Statement of our mourning and our resolve

Today we move forward with resolve after yesterday’s memorial service for George Floyd in Minneapolis.

We grieve George Floyd’s death not only because we bore witness to the horrifying video of his killing, but because his life marks another African American life fatally devalued in a society in which racial inequities have stood for far too long.
Systems that allow for such atrocities must change. 


(A message sent to CLA faculty and staff on June 5, 2020.)


That’s a word that should have been said long ago, but it’s a word that runs like a river through the past few weeks.

It’s a word that inspires determination to achieve justice and accountability in the case of the murder of George Floyd, and to build a more equitable and just society. It’s a word that inspires neighbors to express compassion and help others with food, supplies, protection, cleanup, and financial support.