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Friday, August 21, 2020

Budget contingency plans and update

 Over the past several weeks I’ve shared with you an update on how the college closed out fiscal year 2020 as well as our initial fiscal steps in response to the pandemic

The “initial fiscal steps” post provides information on what we submitted to central for “Contingency Plan 1” in response to the fiscal effects of the pandemic. That post also provides more general information and background on the process and the targets we needed to meet. 

In late July, we submitted a list of items for “Contingency Plan 2.” As with Contingency 1, these items needed to total $7.4 million. The items submitted for Contingency 2 included:

Thursday, August 13, 2020

"Back to school" unlike any year before

(Message sent to CLA alumni, August 12, 2020.)

Many in our alumni community have reached out with questions about what campus will look like this fall, what safety measures will be in place, what students can expect, and more. While we don’t have all the answers amid what is an inherently dynamic situation, below is an idea of what we anticipate. 

First, the University is asking all students, faculty, and staff to do their part by following the protocols of the "Stop the Spread of COVID-19” campaign. This includes social distancing, hand washing, taking temperatures, and more. All University of Minnesota students, faculty, staff, and visitors will also be required to use a face covering when in any enclosed or indoor space on University campuses and properties with face shields available for instructors.

And all academic spaces—University and departmentally administered—that are scheduled for in-person classes this fall will be stocked with sanitizing wipes for instructor and student use, as well as disposable masks for students who forget their face covering. 

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