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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Fundraising campaign success

As you know, the college and University have been engaged in multi-year fundraising campaigns that are now entering their final months. For CLA, our Shattering Expectations campaign goal was to raise $150 million. We passed that mark early on, exceeding the goal in December 2019. Gifts arrive in different forms. Some are gifts that can be spent immediately, others are endowments that provide spendable income in perpetuity (a $1 million gift provides $45,000 annually), and a final set are bequest and estate gifts for the future. 

I’m now pleased to report that we have hit our target for all three original campaign priorities: $50 million for student readiness, $65 million for research and engagement; and $35 million for diversity, access, and inclusion.

I offer a three-fold thank you to you for these successes. First, our faculty and staff have ensured that CLA is a college that alums, donors, and friends want to invest in. Second, many of you engaged with donors to share the impact of the work done in our college. And last, 750 past and present faculty and staff contributed over $10.5 million to the campaign. Not only do you work every day to strengthen CLA’s mission and community, you have invested in the promise of our college and its students through your financial support. Your support is deeply meaningful to other prospective donors. And to our students as well. Take a moment to view this short video where students thank staff and faculty for helping to make their education possible.

To date, over 20,000 donors have given more than $173 million to CLA's campaign. In the final months of the campaign we will continue our focus on fundraising for departmental priorities and several key college-wide initiatives, including: 

  • Closing the equity gap through need-based scholarships, transfer student scholarships, scholarships for applied learning (such as internships and mentored research), and support for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Program;
  • Increasing our ability to respond quickly to opportunities for faculty research and support through flexible and discretionary funds to support faculty research and engagement; and 
  • Launching The Public Life Project and the Liberal Arts Engagement Hub.

Congratulations to our advancement team on an exceptional job, particularly through the challenges of the last year. And congratulations to all of you, our talented CLA faculty and staff. Your work is our strength, and that work is what leads donors and friends to support the college. You have inspired them to invest in CLA and to help us be a college that aspires to be best for the world. Thank you.