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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Extraordinary efforts during an extraordinary year

As we near the end of the semester, I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your outstanding and extraordinary efforts this academic year. 

It has been a time like no other in our college’s history, a time of challenges that we couldn’t have imagined a couple of years ago. I think back to the beginning of the pandemic, when we went from the occasional video conference to holding over 40,000 Zoom meetings per week. When instructors converted their in-person instruction in massive numbers to remote and online courses. When CLA’s academic advisors and career counselors had to switch on a dime and began conducting hundreds of virtual meetings per day with students. When LATIS helped convert hundreds of classes to an online format in a matter of days and weeks. When we all adjusted to a work from home experience with no clear sense of how long it would last.That’s just the start of it. There are so many more examples of your dedication, skill, and ingenuity over the past year -- thousands of them. And all of this happened during a most difficult time filled with challenges from all directions. You transformed your professional lives, educated your children at home, cared for family members who were ill, and ached to connect in person with your loved ones. All of this makes your accomplishments all the more remarkable. 

I am deeply grateful. Every one of you has enabled CLA to fulfill our mission of exceptional instruction, world-class research, and powerful community partnership toward the purpose of transforming the lives of individuals, families, and communities. You should be very proud of your work and the work across the CLA community.

Thank you for exemplifying excellence, compassion, innovation, and determination at the highest levels.