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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Shattering Expectations campaign impact

CLA’s Shattering Expectations campaign, part of the University’s Driven campaign, officially came to a close on June 30, 2021. More than 21,000 alumni, friends, faculty, and staff gave over $182 million to support the college, departments, students—21 percent above our $150 million goal. Those are impressive numbers and we reach them only because donors are confident they are investing in important work and investing in the success of faculty, staff, and students. Groundbreaking research, inspiring educational opportunity, and meaningful engagement with communities. That’s what donors see. Everyone in the college has a hand in making that happen, in making CLA a place that attracts support.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Balanced budget and enrollment update

It’s been wonderful to see the campus active and energized during this first week of the semester. Throughout the summer, concerns were raised about various aspects of the return to campus and the return to classrooms. Raising these concerns helped us highlight issues to bring to the attention of offices in central and generated the sharing of ideas across CLA on how units were handling particular challenges. Many thanks to everyone — and there are many in departments, in shared governance bodies, and across college offices — who have worked so hard to get us to this point. I’d like to offer a special note of appreciation for the work of Anika Carlsted, CLA Assistant Director of Facilities and Capital Planning, for her absolutely tireless efforts this summer working across the college, communicating with department leaders, and conveying to offices what was needed to ensure buildings and classrooms were safe for the fall.

We are back to the campus, but not back to the campus of 2019. Our experience during the pandemic demonstrated ways in which the Future of Work was going to differ from the workplace as it was. Most notably, that difference has shown up in more provision for work schedules that are partly on campus and partly remote. It has been interesting to observe that change in action as well this week. These changes may have been kickstarted by the pandemic, but they are more truly a new way of work that will continue to evolve.